Amar Bahadur Bam was a resident of Dhari VDC of Darchula district in the far western region of Nepal. He didn’t even complete his elementary level education. According to jis father Karna Bahadur Bam he had failed grade three. He was married to Dhanisha (or Dhanamati) and it was hardly a month he lived with his bride and he went to India seeking employment. In Delhi he became a driver’s helper and learned driving who was later promoted to a driver. An Indian citizen took him to Dubai promising him a great job with handsome job. According to Amar Bahadur Bam his name was Vicky. He took them to Karan Singh Rajput and Maoj Mundana telling him that he will be given a job in a transport company with handsome salary and benefit. Meanwhile he was instructed to drive him around. Amar an uneducated young man was totally ignorant of the men’s association with Dubai gangsters. Sharad Shetty, an Indian businessman based in Dubai, was an aide of notorious gangster Dawood Ibrahim. Ibrahim became household name after organizing 1993 Mumbai bombings. Mr. Mansingh, Mr. Kotian and Mr. Ram are believed to be from Chotan Rajan-Ibrahim’s staunch rival’s gang.

One day as normal, Amar was asked to drive to Karma Indian Club and asked him to wait outside. After a while he they came back and asked him to take them back. After they reached their place, Manoj Mundana and Karan Singh Rajput said. “We have killed a man and we are now running away. Now you also run away otherwise police will arrest you”. Amar was terrified. It was hardly two weeks he was in Dubai and he knew no one. Although they had given his passport and asked them to leave, he chose to remain with them since he had no one to go to. While they were trying to get away, they were all caught in Sarjaha. They were tried in the murder case of Sharad Shetty one of the main hands of notorious underworld dawn, Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood and Chhota Rajan were sworn enemy and the murderers were associated with Chhota Rajan.  According to Amar, he was given an Urdu interpreter, whereas he was not even good in speaking standard Nepali because his mother tongue was far western dialect. He was terrorized and tortured by the Dubai police and compelled him to confess the crime he didn’t commit.
Amar Bahadur Bam, was convicted and sentenced to death in 2003, along with three Indian nationals-Karansingh Rajput (Mansingh), 30, Manoj Mudanna Kotian, 32, and Vimal Kumar Ram, 26, in the well-publicized Sharad Shetty murder trial. Amar was shocked and had no idea what to do and he had no one who could help him. NAGC International Vice President Rajendra Devkota said that he had first known about Amar through the chief of Zumera jail and he met Amar in 2005. Devkota said that Amar didn’t want to speak because his face was full of terror and he seemed to be mentally abnormal.  He was later transferred to Al Abir jail and Amar was terrified thinking he is now going to be killed. When Devkota met Amar in 2007, Amar had cried bitterly remembering his country, his village, family and friends.

His Excellency Arjun Bahadur Thapa of  Nepalese Embassy to UAE instructed the First Secretary Lok Bahadur Thapa Chhetri,  Jitendra Labh and Rajendra Devkota to visit Al Abir jail on June 30, 2010.  This marked the beginning of Save Amar campaign. Most of the important organizations agreed to make a coordination committee to save Amar and the campaign began. . In 2012, at the request of NAGC international Vice President Rajendra Devkota, NAGC formed Save Amar International Network with Yubraj Karki, NAGC Vice president as coordinator. A lot of activities have now been accomplished and Save Amar Campaign has reached a new momentum when Save Amar Global Task Force has been formed in December 2012.   Now Amar is very hopeful that he will be saved.

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