Exceptional personality Dr. Charles Townes
initiates to save Amar Bam
समाचार र लिन्कहरू (नेपाली)
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CALIFORNIA/n24: Charles Hard Townes, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and educator, on hearing the heart-wrenching story of Amar Bam, believes him to be innocent and has initiated to deliver justice by saving his life.

At the request of Mani Nepali Paneru, President, Nepal Association for Global Cooperation (NAGC) and Coordinator of Save Amar International Network (SAIN), Dr.Townes has written a heart-felt letter to the Shetty Family to ask for forgiveness as Islamic laws allow the release of prisoners if the victim’s family find in their hearts to pardon the culprits.

Along with Paneru, Vice President of Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna, Hema Paneru and Coordinator, Yuvaraj Karki met with Dr. Townes to brief Bam’s story and appealed him to initiate the process.

Winner of the 1964 Nobel Laureate Charles Townes is an accomplished scientist who has invented the laser, maser and contributed to the world with many other innovations. He was also awarded with the Templeton prize and has been showered with 32 honorary doctorates from around the world.

Addressing the official representative for the late Sharad Shetty, Townes said, “I have great sympathy towards the Shetty family. It is not possible to bring our beloved one back but we can certainly let his soul rest in peace by saving an innocent person.” He adds, “In the name of humanity and the almighty God I request everyone related to Sharad to help release Amar and save him.”

According to sources, it is known that Townes has also requested the President of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa and Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammad to pardon innocent Amar.


Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has vowed to save the life of Amar Bahadur Bam, who is sentenced to death penalty and doing time at the Al-abir Central Jail in Dubai.

Receiving a memorandum submitted by the Nepal Association of Global Cooperation (NAGC) here on Saturday, Prime Minister Bhattarai said he will save Bam by any means through diplomatic initiatives.

The NAGC handed over the memorandum to the prime minister as commitments made by the government to that end in the past were not implemented, said Mani Nepali Paneru, central president of the NAGC. The memorandum calls for the prime minister to arrange a visit to Dubai soon for saving Bam’s life and also addressing other problems faced by the Nepali workers in Dubai. It has also called on the government to save the life of Hari Bahadur Ghale of Nuwakot, who is facing death penalty in Malaysia. Likewise, the memorandum calls for adopting alertness on issues of nationality and foreign investment and for taking seriously the issue of manpower companies exploiting Nepali workers abroad.

Posted on: 2013-01-20 08:32
PM Bhattarai vows to save Bam’s life